Paradigm Rock Monitor 80 SM


Sistema de altavoces individuales con entradas estéreo L / R, 3 controladores, controladores de alta frecuencia montados coaxialmente de 2 x 2 vías, clima, agua, caja sellada resistente a los rayos UV, fisuras auto drenantes Acabado en colores piedra del campo y granito del noreste

Disponible para reserva | Entrega: 3 a 4 semanas

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These high-performance single-speaker systems provide two channels of L/R sound outdoors. Their Dual-Directional Soundfield two tweeters, each offset at a 30 angleand twin voice coil bass/midrange driver ensure extremely wide dispersion, a particularly important consideration outdoors where there are no walls or ceiling to contain sound. Rock Monitors are ideal in small outdoor areas less suited to a stereo pair of speakers or where a single speaker is preferred. In large, or unusually shaped areas, multiple rock speakers can be used to eliminate sound imbalances that occur with stereo sound as people move around or are seated closer to one speaker than the other. For additional placement options, see your Dealer.

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