Paradigm Cinema Sub


Controlador único, reflejo de bajos, puertos de alta velocidad de baja turbulencia, amplificador incorporado, posicionamiento flexible: con el lado brillante hacia arriba o con el lado de la tela hacia arriba con los pies

Disponible para reserva | Entrega: 3 a 4 semanas

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When size and sound matter, our affordable audiophile collection delivers blockbuster solutions like Cinema. Cinema speakers are designed for smaller spaces but despite their compact size, they deliver a blockbuster music and home theater experience. While its true, there are tiny satellite speakers aided by small subwoofers that can be hidden in many living spaces, when it comes to great audiophile sound these systems had never delivered until Cinema. For years now, our award-winning Cinema speakers have been delivering a seamless music and home theater soundstage that brings movies to life and makes music sound live. Rumour has it that with this new generation of Cinema speakers, the sound may be even better than the movie.

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